Frequently Asked Questions

Coolidge High School (Ward 4)
Roosevelt High School (Ward 4)
Dunbar High School (Ward 5)
McKinley Technology High School (Ward 5)
Eastern High School (Ward 6)
H.D Woodson High School (Ward 7)
Anacostia High School (Ward 8)
Ballou High School (Ward 8)

  • Sousa Middle School (Ward 7)
  • Kelly Miller Middle School (Ward 7)
  • Johnson Middle School (Ward 8)
  • Kramer Middle School ( Ward 8)
  • Hart Middle School (Ward 8)

College Journey Tier 1 – 3 DC District of Columbia High School Seniors currently enrolled in Selected Public High Schools in Wards 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8. No Charter or Private School students.

Every scholarship recipient is required to show proof that they will be matriculating as a full-time student at a four year college or university for (Fall Semester). Proof of enrollment can take the form of a letter from the registrar or receipt/confirmation of your online registration from your school. It must include your name, listing of courses for the fall semester, and an indication that it is from your school’s official website.

Awards Scholarship awards are payable to the student. Journey Awards will be given at DCCFE Ceremony. College Tier Awards will be given at the beginning of each academic semester.

Yes. Based on your collegiate academic schedule your Giving Back Session will be based on either Spring or Summer Break during any of the formal student – related events.

All DCCFE Awardees will receive emails from DCCFE which will provide information about, distribution of scholarship awards, participation at the event and other updates.

Scholarships are renewable each semester for up to four consecutive years once you meet the GPA requirement.


Your scholarship will be discontinued until the GPA requirement is satisfied. Please contact our office concerning reapplying.

No, a check will be issued in the awardee name.

No, but you can forward the scholarship information to the student and assist in the application process.

All inquiries should be sent to [email protected].

If, in any year, the Committee decides that no applicant meets the minimum requirements for a scholarship, the award for that scholarship will not be made that year.